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Name: Malori Chapmna
Age: 17
Location: Shelby, NC
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Hair colour, natural or not: Black//Blonde
Eye colour: Blue

Bands: Astrid Haven, Dead 7, The Sex Pistols, HIM, Green Day, etc.
Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Peter Pan, Dead End, etc.
Books: Shattering Glass, All Stephen King, etc.
Lyric or quote: "Kiss me, then kill me, then fuck me, it's fun!" -Astrid Haven//Neon Nazi

Opinons and Views
The Goverenment: I'm not very active in politics, although this year I became very interested and studied a bit on George W. Bush, which might I mention, is an idiot.
Abortion: Only if you've been raped.
Gay Rights/Marriage: Let people love who they want. It's a natural right, don't take it away.
Suicide: Stupid.
Drinking, drugs, smoking: No//Yes, marijuana//USA Gold Menthol.
Religion: Confused
Education: Need it.

More Things
Hobbies: Graphics, photography, Music, singing, Concerts, writing songs, drawing.
Describe your style: Bright colors clashed with the "Gothic" scene
Any piercings?: Ears, labret, eyebrow, tounge soon.
Tattoos?: Not old enough yet. Emphasis on yet.
Promote this community in at least 2 other communities and give us the link: Yet to do.
Why should we accept you?: Because no one else will. o.0
Give us at least 3 pictures.

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