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oh look at my face

Name:stephanie sephere daria walker
Location:the city of leeds,UK
Height:5ft 5 ish according to some im small
Hair colour, natural or not:very dark brown adn natural
Eye colour:a mixture of every colour then linked together with a yellow circle.i have strange eyes.

Bands:the locust,blood brothers,frou frou,modern life is war,iron and wine,jawbreaker,cursive,circle takes the square,this is hell..and lots more
Movies:ghost world,drop dead fred,american history X,sleepers,ichi the killer,the big lebowski,spirted away.
Books:fight club,brothers,high feideltiy,glue,oh and ♥comic books♥
Lyric or quote:the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss there perfectly aliigned

Opinons and Views
The Goverenment:i always hated how goverment was..and as studying politics i have come to relaise what a corrupt sytem we actually have..but then again i relaised that this country would be far worse if we did not have a goverment to control it in some way or another..yes sometimes it doesnt soemtimes it goes completly off the rail and does the opposite to its job of representing what the public and the country wants but sometimes it does.
Abortion:in some extreme cases yes where goign through with the birth would cause damage to the baby or mother then think abortion is ok but when abortion is used as an excuse for people to sleep around and have care free sex then i am against it.i have heard about cases where a womand had an abortion because of the har colour her baby was predicted so she terminated its life.this made me feel so angry and sick inside.
Gay Rights/Marriage:why should they be any different to straight rgihts and straight marriages. in the end everyone is human no matter who they are attracted to so they should all be treat the same like humans.
Suicide:i have lost close friends due to suicide.its a sad thing that people feel that they need to resort to ending things.i have been there i know what its like and the way i got through it was realising my friends were there for me. i feel so much empthay for those who feel they dont even have anyone to pull them through even though they most probably do.
Drinking, drugs, smoking:its everyones opption to do these things.i use to drink alot then i using alcohol as a means to get away from things and i let it control me..i now dont drink i havnt claimed to be straight edge nor so i have the desire to at the moment.i ahve friends who are and friends who arnt.i respect them all equally. i also have done drugs and smoked and found them not t be for me smoking i just found distgusting but yet again other people arnt me and like to smoke.
Religion:i wish i had a faith to belive in but i dont anymmore.i think its amazing that people have the fath and beleif in something like a god.good for keeps them strong inside themsleves and thats what matters.i brought up as a christian family and even though i have lost my faith in religion im positive i would not be the person i am today without having that upbringing..its everyone choice..i dont think religion should be forced onto people.
Education:im in higer education..its made me who i am and i know i need it to get where i want to be.there are some great people who have not got that much of an 'education' but have got great places its not for everyone.sometimes i hate it but then i think of where it will get meits there for a reason.

More Things
Hobbies: photograhy,shows,le mosh,making films,travelling to places,riding on my sisters bmx in london when its sunny.
Describe your style:trying to be snow white!
Any piercings?:five. two botom lobe piecring strethed to 9mm then above that two normal lobe piercings then my daith in my left ear. im planning on gettin another one next week wwhen i get paid
Tattoos?:saving for my first in the summer.two pink bows on the back of my ankles
Why should we accept you?:im not going to sya 'oh yeah cos im like so rad' becuase im not.its your choice to choose proably will of made up your mind already about me!
Give us at least 3 pictures.

this is me and my siter im in the crdigan and gonnies top

this is me and my friend dean.
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