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Oh look at my face

Location:Glasgow, Scotland
Height:5 7"
Hair colour, natural or not:Black
Eye colour:Brown

Bands:Garbage,Ash,The Ceasars,Jack's Mannequin,Hellogoodbye,Something Corporate,Charlotte Hatherley
Movies:Memento, Keeping The Faith,Billy Elliot,Moi Caesar,Saw
Books:The Bunny Suicides [Andy Riley] The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night Time [Mark Haddon]
Lyric or quote:"In vain i blame my trembling on the cold air, but i can't hide that i've relied on you - like yellow does on blue."

Opinons and Views
The Goverenment:It is hard to take an unbalancerd view on politics, i am British and our country is currently about to run our general elections.I am sure you are well aware that our country is being run by the, shall we say competent, Tony Blair. Many people over here view him in the same way people in U.S.A view George Bush. Although i don't agree with the decision to invade Iraq, i show admiration for George Bush concerning his other policies and morals. I am however contemptuous of his attitudes concerning global issues and emissions laws.

Abortion:Hmmm delicate topic...I think that if people are responsible enough to deem themselves at an appropriate age to have sex, then they are therefore responsible enough to deal with the consequences of their actions - including pregnancy. I think that people who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of an unwanted pregnancy, they should under no circumstances use abortion as a form of 'last minute' birth control.Although i disagree with abortion, i do not think it is the responsibility of anti abortion campaigners to convince women to keep their children - at the end of the day it would be inappropriate for the government to have the power to control whether or not a woman should be made to live with a choice she was unhappy making.

Gay Rights/Marriage:Absolutely acceptable, life is too short to conflict with things you don't believe in. I imagine people against homosexuality probably just don't understand that -but that doesn't give them the right to insist that it's wrong especially since "Ignorance is the root of all fear". We had a gay priest over here a couple of months ago and although the support he received was overwhelming, the prejudice he faced was disgusting.

Suicide:It's very uncool to see people use suicide as a means of improving their self image.I've seen the effect that genuine suicidal tendencies have on people, and i cannot understand why anyone would ever wish that upon themselves when they know fine well the consequences of such behaviour.

Drinking, drugs, smoking: understand that many people claim that their tendencies to drink/use drugs help them to express themselves in a way that other methods cannot but i think that a lot of younger people (including myself) while on a quest to find security in life, get misguided and feel the need to "show -off" by unecessarily making the choice to use drugs (of any kind) in a brief moment of insanity. I think that an ocassional drink is totally acceptable but i think that the age at which alcohol can be sold to people (in some European countries it is 14) should be re-considered by the government.

Religion: I personally find religion very ambiguous. I cannot understand how we are supposed to place all of our trust on a feeling that is encouraged merely by our faith.I suppose that it what most people find comforting about religion - that they can connect the faith they feel in their lives with a worthwhile experience. I still ffind it difficult to willingly put so much trust in something that isn't a sure thing.

Education: This probably isn't the best time to ask me about education - i'm sitting my standard grade exams right now (pretty important government exams, potentially deciding the path of your career and life in general) and to be honest i'm slowly contemplating a sabotage on the education system - though i'm sure i'll feel differently once they are all over.

More Things
Hobbies: Running, singing (the choir kind), hockey, netball
Describe your style:a 70's kid, who is very fond of legwarmers and wears brightly coloured tights all year round.
Any piercings?:Ears and nose
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Why should we accept you?:Because i eat burnt matches and read books about fluffy little rabbits that just don't want to live anymore.
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