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Oh look at my face

ed: lj cuts are good....

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 20
Location: Currently, Williamsburg, Virginia, but I will be back home to Washington, DC tomorrow (thank god)
Gender: F
Height: 5'7
Hair colour, natural or not: blonde
Eye colour: blue

Bands: the distillers, bikini kill, bratmobile, the donnas, le tigre, hole, concrete blonde, indigo girls, jack off jill, tsunami bomb, rancid, op ivy, dropkick murphys, flogging molly, fugazi, minor threat, green day, dead kennedys, the descendents, bad religion, mary prankster, princess superstar, NWA, the pietasters, horrorpops, nirvana, nekromantix, anti-flag, the exploited, citizen cope, elliot smith, jeff buckley, johnny cash, beulah, ani difranco, bitch and animal, washington social club, tori amos, AFI, bjork, the doors, the streets, the eels, me'shell ndegeocello...and a lot more...

Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Lawn Dogs, Akira, Vampire Hunter D, Ghost in the Shell, Spirited Away, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Amelie, Les Invasions Barbares, Mean Girls, Wicker Park, Kill Bill Vol. I & II, Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, The Warriors, The Incredibles, Silence of the Lambs, The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Adaptation, Frida, 28 Days Later, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho, The Rules of Attraction, Logan's Run, Donnie Darko, The Boondock Saints, The Birdcage, School of Rock, Wet Hot American Summer, Romeo + Juliet, Office Space, O Brother, Where Art Thou?...and more...

Books: Richard Scarry, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, Girl Walking Backwards, Salamandar, Everything Is Illuminated, On the Road, Breakfast of Champions, Slaughterhouse 5, The Great Gatsby, Catch-22, Harry Potter, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Love Between Equals, American Psycho, The Handmaid's Tale, House of Mirth. Also, my textbooks from my intro to Women's Studies class, Listen Up and No Turning Back....and more..

Lyric or quote: "All we have are our love and our guts, baby." - bitch and animal

"She hardly knew what she had been seeking, or why the failure to find it had so blotted the light from her sky: she was only aware of a vague sense of failure, of an inner isolation deeper than the loneliness about her." - Edith Wharton, House of Mirth, Chapter 5

Opinons and Views
The Goverenment: It is a necessary evil, I suppose. I believe the state should help its' citizens but keep out of their bedrooms and hospitals. One cannot live in DC and not be political, and I am growing disgusted with our nation. I am truly a city girl and truly liberal--DC was about 85% blue in the 2004 election. I agree with the French view on secularism in public schools and believe that religion should be kept in the home and the church (or synagoge, or mosque or grotto or ferny woods with a view of the full moon) and NO WHERE ELSE. The government has no place issuing morality--did you know that even though sodomy was officially "legalized" in 2003, there are still states that have it forbidden in their law just for the statement it makes? Disgusting. All in all: the government should help its' citizens when they need help, but leave them the fuck alone otherwise.

Abortion: I am pro-choice and believe in all that entails. I believe in comprehensive sex ed, I want Emergency Contraception to be OTC for everyone over the age 16, I believe condoms should be accessible to minors, and anyone should be able to get a safe and easy abortion if they need it. I believe in informing rape/sexual assault victims of all their options, I believe minors should be able to receive sexual health treatment without the interference of their parents (about that new law forbidding adults from transferring a minor girl over state lines for an abortion w/o parental consent--has anyone heard of incest? What if she's pregnant as a result of rape or incest at the hands of a family member? this law is ignorant and wrong. The rights of the woman--the girl--in this situation supercedes the rights of a cluster of cells and/or a rapist. period.), and I believe that abortion is NOT birth control and is a last resort and someone else's opinion to have one or not is NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

Gay Rights/Marriage: Absolutely for gay marriage. I also think gays/lesbians/bisexuals/transsexuals/etc. should have adoption rights over minor children.

Suicide: I am clinically depressed and have been down there, but I personally think it's a selfish act, although I do understand that in the depths of despair it is hard to think of other people. I am on Prozac right now, am in therapy, and am sober, and it has helped my depression immensely. People need to seek help, and the stigma needs to be removed from mental illness.
Drinking, drugs, smoking: Like I said, I'm sober. That's the best decision for ME. I'm a college student--I'm around drinking all the time. I don't like (most) people doing drugs/drinking around me because it my trigger my desire to do them, but it is a free country. I think marijuana should be decriminalized but I don't think children (edit: teens under the age of like, 16 should not be doing drugs) should be smoking. I think people need to act responsibly. Smoking cigarettes is stupid but not my business, unless it is (I have asthma and cigarette smoke can give me attacks).

Religion: I am personally anti-religion. I am an athiest and find most religion to be ignorant and intolerant. I took a class in high school about the New Testament and what I learned cemented my disgust and lack of respect toward Christianity. The New Testament is an arbitrary collection of gospels that support the dominant early Christian group at the time. I think, on a global scale, more harm than good has been predicated by religion. I understand if it helps the individual, but I'm talking about the world. 9/11, the Crusades, IRA, the Holocaust--religion, to me, is too much trouble. I believe in morality outside of the context of a Santa-Claus deity who will punish me if I'm bad. (/end rant)

Education: "You think education is expensive? Try ignorance." It's true. I am in college and may go to grad school, and I am very pro-education. I think public schools in this country (at least in DC) need to be better, but that No Child Left Behind does not work. In Europe, state colleges are free, and I think that's amazing. There are too many smart people in America who cannot afford college, and will therefore be unable to get the best jobs they can get. Unfair. Education needs to be easier to obtain.

More Things
Hobbies: Ranting in lj, soccer (playing, watching on tv), eating good food, cooking good food, sleeping, fucking, internet-ing, driving (I just got my lisence and I'm 20, haha), TV (family guy, daily show, late-night anime, LAW AND ORDER), hanging out with my friends and family.
Describe your style: Lazy--I wear sweats and pj pants and hoodies most of the time, although when I give a shit it's usually pretty casual: usually jeans and a tee-shirt and my chucks. I would like to think I am punk-influenced, but I would never call myself punk. I love the look, though. I'm just not cool/hardcore/legit enough to pull it of. I'm a pretty huge tomboy.
Any piercings?: just my ears. So far.
Tattoos?: None yet, though several planned (I'm broke).
Promote this community in at least 2 other communities and give us the link:
Why should we accept you?: I think you've already made your decision at this point, but I think this is a cool community and I think I'm pretty cool so I should fit in.
Give us at least 3 pictures.

Emo Pic Alert:
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Emo pic with anti-flag shirt (because anti-flag are so emo):
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THis is some special occasion and for some reason I did not want to smile:
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"I do not need nobody tellin' me who I am! I know who I am!... I be walkin' down the hallway, they call me names. They call me faggot, they call me sissy, I say, 'Oh yeah? Well, you forgot, I'm also a model and a actress, so fuck you too!'"
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