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Oh look at my face...

Oh Look at My Face
Name: Kristal
Age: 15
Location: Clinton, North Carolina
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Hair colour, natural or not: Blackish/Brown - Some of it is natural
Eye colour: Brown

Bands: Genitorturers, Moonspell, KMFDM, NIN, Old Manson, The Distillers, Jack off Jill, Slunt, Babes in Toyland, etc.
Movies: Monty Python's Life of Brian, Porn?
Books: Brave New World, 1984, Jay's Journal, Book of Bunneh Suicides
Lyric or quote: "Draw me the fine line between religion and crime
You are one more son of God you can never be wrong
but aren't we all?" - Moonspell

Opinons and Views
The Goverenment: Which part of teh gov't? It sucks in generality - no openess is

allowed, religion still plays a part in it, Capitalism and big business sucks, and

everything else.
Abortion: Pro-Choice
Gay Rights/Marriage: Should be legal everywhere.
Suicide: You don't attempt it - you either do it or you don't.
Drinking, drugs, smoking: If you like them, so be it - I won't say anything to you as

long as it doen't involve me.
Religion: I'm atheist, but I won't judge you unless you try to get me involved.
Education: All colleges should be free, religion should STRICTLY be kept out of

schools (they still pray at some of our area schools), they should cater to the poor

rather than to the rich

More Things
Hobbies: Making things, Going to concerts, Finding new music
Describe your style: Anything I can get out of Salvation Army and tear up, I like to

shop clearence ... A LOT. I am always looking for new things. Over all you could

say I was into "Dark Colours", and things of the such.
Any piercings?: Ears: both 4 g, Navel (14g), Nose (16g), Tongue (14g)
Tattoos?: None yet, but my dad does own a local Tat shop
Promote this community in at least 2 other communities and give us the link:
Why should we accept you?: Because you just fucking should.
Give us at least 3 pictures.
Here ya go:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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